Infrastructure management

The daily life of the infrastructure

We propose an infrastructure adapted to the size of the application, to maximize performance while simplifying its maintenance.


Applications are containerized via docker and run on aws ECS.

End-to-end management

Adding the database and setting up the entire infrastructure, including: loadBalancer, CDN.


Infrastructure scales with needs and load.

Démocratisation des bonnes pratiques - Performances améliorées - Haute disponibilité
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Errors and failures

The webcapsule organizes the backups policy of the database for a safe flight.

Resumption of activity

Simply restore the database from one of these backups.

Disaster recovery

Regularly tested.

Army of the Twelve Monkeys

Set up to anticipate critical failures and delineate sufficient redundancies.

No data loss - Reduced number of outages - Fast and efficient disaster recovery
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In general, a number of parameters may not be in the git code

Environments, secrets and dependencies

Can be added and tracked via the GUI.

Centralized interface - Effective access restriction - Protected data