1st deployment

Specific stack

Standardized environment for the chosen technology.

Quick configuration

The configuration is done with a minimum of information to enter.

No commitment

You are not bound to the webcapsule; you can leave us at any time.

Fast first deployment - Flexible infrastructure from the first deployment - Best practices implemented automatically
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Project already under development

The entry point is a git repository
1- Connect to your account (gitlab, github, other...)
2- Indicate the repository we support

Wordpress and drupal technologies

Possibility to start a project from scratch, without git repository

Deployment in just 5 steps

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An automated system

Continuous deployment

Staging environment

Manually test modifications and perform integration and functionality tests.

Isoprod environment

Allows to check the compatibility of the modifications with the production environment.

Production environment

Operates in isolation, without interference from other environments.

Standardization of deployment - Errors identified earlier - Rollback possible in case of errors - Time saving

Step 1

DĂ©signer une branche et son environnement (staging ou production)

Step 2

Check the iso-prod environment

Step 3

Click on "deployment" and put in production